Make your lunch hour productive with Desktop Webinars.

Giving 21st Century Educators Practical Skills for Online Teaching Success

@ONE is offering an Online Teaching Certification Program that will help you excel in the digital age. It's extremely affordable, comprehensive and easy to fit within your busy schedule.

Bring quality training to your campus with the @ONE Trainers' Bureau.

This Bureau houses a large and growing number of skilled trainers across the state of California who have already worked with @ONE or have been approved by @ONE. 


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CCC Tech Connect is a new website portal with quick access to four great systemwide resources you already know. These services are easy to use,...
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Online Courses

Online courses last four to five weeks and are facilitated by expert colleagues. In addition to your facilitator, you will be joined by a cohort of your colleagues. Although courses begin and end on specific dates, the work is done asynchronously. That is, you can participate based on your own schedule as long as you complete assignments by their due dates. Do check the dates listed with each course description to make sure it fits into your schedule.