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@ONE Frequently Asked Questions

Not sure whether to take an instructor-led or self-paced course?  Wondering where to find more information on instructional technology best practices?  This FAQ will help you find which @ONE resources best meet your needs.

Q: I want to learn more about technology, but I have so little time!
A: @ONE has several options for busy faculty and staff including: 

  • Desktop Webinars are hour-long webinars created by expert faculty, conveniently scheduled during the lunch hour.  Plus, if you miss them live, you can still review them at the Archive Library!
  • Self Paced Courses with easy-to-use modules cover many of the same topics as our longer online courses or face-to-face trainings.

Q: I have lots of questions about how to use technology in my classroom.  Where can I go to get some answers?
A: @ONE works with California Community College faculty who have experience in many elements of instructional technology and has gathered best practices from throughout the state.  You can ask questions of them directly through:

  • Online Courses offer opportunities to delve into topics in-depth and get feedback on focused assignments.  Requiring about ten hours a week for four to six weeks, they are well worth the time investment!

Q: I need to help others on my campus use technology more effectively.  Can you assist with this?
A: @ONE makes passing information on easy. 

  • Our Desktop Webinars – hour-long webinars by technology experts – are archived so you can share what you’ve learned with others. Or if you miss them live, check out the Archive Library!

Q: I want to learn more about how technology actually works in a community college setting.  How can I find out about new trends and specific uses of technology?
A: @ONE’s programs are designed to be timely and are tailored to CCC concerns.

  • Desktop Webinars – hour-long webinars by technology experts – address popular and emerging technology issues in a CCC-specific context. Or if you miss them live, check out the Archive Library!
  • Our seminars, courses, and workshops also address pedagological issues.

Q: What topics do your resources address?
A: All topics are specific to the community college context and are developed and taught by expert faculty.  Key topic areas include:

  • Accessibility
  • Advanced Technology for IT Professionals – networking, database development, and web design
  • The Basics - introductions to technology concepts and tools
  • Multimedia – web tools, podcasts, video, and visuals
  • Online Teaching – best practices, course management systems, and pedagogy
  • Student Support Services
  • Technology Enhanced Instruction – how to use technology for onsite, hybrid, and distance education

Q: How much do your services cost?
A: Almost all of @ONE’s resources are free!  There are two exceptions:
Online courses cost $65, to help ensure that we have space for those eager to fully participate in the course.