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Free and Easy Course Authoring with myUDUTU

with Richard Mundell
Wed, 11/11/2009 - 12:00pm (Pacific Time)

Ever wish authoring your courses could be made a lot easier?  How about cheaper?  How about FREE?  Check out the myUDUTU tool, which can be used on its own as a powerful yet easy-to-use course authoring tool. When integrated into Facebook, it enables any Facebook participant to both create and distribute courses, and  track participation and assessments in the same way as an enterprise-based LMS (Learning Management System). And here’s the best part:  It’s FREE! UDUTU believes that eLearning has a much greater potential if powerful and accessible Web 2.0 tools can be integrated with the social networks your students may already be frequenting. It’s just one of the innovative ideas that you’ll learn more about in this seminar about the groundbreaking offerings by UDUTU.

Fees: Free


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