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Building Sustainable Projects and Communities

with Randy Fisher
Thu, 10/15/2009 - 12:00pm (Pacific Time)

Are you interested in using social media for project-based education? Discover WikiEducator, a leading educational wiki for the global development of free and open education resources (OERs). Current users enjoy a strong support community for their projects, reaping the benefits of peer-to-peer wiki collaboration across disciplines and boundaries.

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This presentation is designed to help you address obstacles in building sustainable and collaborative communities (i.e., educational silos; lack of time and resources; anxiety about technology; power, resistance to change and culture; and lack of faculty/managerial buy-in, to name a few). You’ll learn about:

  • Examples of successful wiki-community projects
  • How to get started building your community the wiki way
  • Using practical tools and technologies to accelerate your learning curve and performance

Fees: Free


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